Thursday, August 12, 2010


I stopped blogging for over a month. Well I've seen like 5 movies that I want to review but I don't want to push them all out at once so I'll review one to night and every once in awhile.

My summer has remained pretty boring. I went back to RIT for a few days to do the Transfer Orientation which was fun. I'm doing a mini roadtrip to Syracuse to visit a friend that is staying there at school over the summer this Saturday.

I have nothing interesting to talk about since I'm going to the beach in like 5 minutes but here is an article written by Jonathan Foreman, the man who changed my entire life, that I thin is fantastic.

"Lately, I've been thinking that maybe the human soul grows best at the pace of a tomato and not a combustion engine. Maybe the human condition has much more in common with this speechless greenery than I had thought. These silent life-forms really have a lot to say. These days, I've been trying to listen to the slow growth policies of the garden, this incredible place of new beginnings."

Oddly enough I've been feeling the same exact way lately. I heard about this contest apexart is sponsoring ( You have to take commercials and turn it into art. I would like to make something that represents what Jon is talking about. So we'll see how that goes.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth of July (a little late)

So my town has the biggest firework display on the 3rd instead of the 4th. I went to that, and got to see a bunch of people that I didn't really want to see from high school and avoid eye contact so I didn't have to have awkward small talk with them.

Here are some fireworks:

Yeah pretty explosions in the sky. Oh I have some video too.

On the actual fourth of July I just watched movies with my friend. I'll review those tomorrow, I don't feel like making a long post right now.

It's super duper hot here today. I spent all day laying next to the window reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I literally almost read the whole book in one sitting.

Last comic standing was very disappointing today. Nobody was very funny and my favorite girl, Carmen Lynch didn't make it to the finals.

I think the judges are really stupid. I just think they all have terrible taste in comics, but everyone has different taste I guess. Plus they wouldn't be hosting the show if their careers were super successful, I'm just sayin'. They can just be very pretentious and act like they're the comic gods of the world. Today's episode pissed me off.

Tomorrow Pretty Little Liars is on, SO PUMPED. Now I'm kinda just rambling because I'm waiting for the fireworks video to upload. I need to get a new fish, my fish died and my tank is so lonely now. Trip to Walmart coming up, CYEAH.

Video is done, yay!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Berry Picking!

I went Berry Picking today. I can never seem to remember when strawberries are out of season. FYI they are.

So I've never had/don't like other berries so I mostly just took pictures.

I got my e.l.f. make up today and will probably post about it tomorrow because I'm feeling sick now (I think it's because of the raspberries.)

Oh and.....I'm very very very happy Melinda got voted off So You Think You Can Dance. Now I'm really worried about who is going to go home next week because everyone else left is amazing. And I'm happy they are changing it around and talking about the All Stars more because I was really disappointed in the way that they did that.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

FINALLY saw it. I actually had no real interest in seeing this film. I don't usually like Tim Burton films (with the exception of Beetlejuice and Big Fish). I've also never read the book, seen the Disney film, or know anything about any of the characters/plot/history of Alice in Wonderland.

But obviously this film was quite popular and my friend just brought it over so YEAH I watched it. Firstly I just want to say I think it's really annoying how no wonder what role Johnny Depp has in a movie he always has to be the main focus of the advertisements. Like I know that it sells films and stuff but I just feel bad for Mia Wasikowska, who was very good in this and just got tossed aside in the ads even though she IS Alice. I love that Alan Rickman and Helena Bonham Carter are in this because any time a Harry Potter cast member is there, I'm excited.

So the film. I thought it was okay? I think sometimes it was hard to understand the story since I actually had no idea what Alice In Wonderland was about. I hate when the characters talk to fast and then just start laughing and I'm like "UH WHAT JUST HAPPENED?" I don't really know if I can review this properly since I was kinda lost a lot of the time. Although the story kinda reminded me of an evil(er) Chronicles of Narnia on crack.

As for cinematography and all that fancy stuff, I was not thrown off by anything. There weren't any shots where I was like WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? The whole mixture of animation and live action was pretty nice. When she first fell down the rabbit hole I was a little skeptical of it because everything looked so fake, but throughout the whole film everything was pretty realistic. It must have been an interesting film to shoot, especially with all the height changes, which was pretty cool.

So yeah, I'm not sure how to judge this so just see it and decide for yourself. Actually you've probably already seen it, I think I'm the last one.


So a great part about blogging is giveaways, which are awesome. So many blogs have opened my eyes to great creators/companies through their giveaways.

Girl Goes East is currently having a giveaway with Simone from Skinny Dip for one of her awesome necklaces. Simone has some really awesome necklaces on her site which is, right hurrrr:

I'm soo glad someone directed me to these blogs because these necklaces are seriously AMAZING. So go on and enter if you want a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Oh and Happy Canada Day all you lovely Canadians. I wish I had a passport so I could go to your country! I hate this new law.

Monday, June 28, 2010

I just watched Remember Me. I'm not a Twilight fan and am not like OMGZ RoB PaTtZ sO hAwTtT or anything. But I actually enjoyed this movie. I haven't seen Ryan Pattinson in anything besides Harry Potter and Twilight (I've only seen the first one, and against my will) and I am still unsure of his acting ability. I kinda felt like in this film he was suppose to be this super charming guy, since their relationship took off so fast, and I didn't think he came off as charming at all. I don't know if it was bad acting or bad dialogue. I'll have to see something else with him to make an official decision. I did however love Emily De Ravin. I don't watch Lost and had no idea who she was until the trailer for this film. Her character was very charming and relatable and I thought she did a stellar job.

So I guess I shouldn't spoil this movie without a warning. (More at the end)
********SPOILER BELOW DUDE***********

So I went into this knowing how it ended and I was torn on what I thought about the whole 9/11 thing. I ended up really liking it. From what I had read I thought that it was just going to end as soon as you realized that he was in the World Trade Building but I think the way they showed everyone immediately after, and then some time after was really effective. I thought that the message was very strong and just sad. I think we often forget about 9/11 because it's almost been 10 years since it's happened, which is so hard to believe. But I think the message that really hit me was how your life could be completely normal or crazy or anything but no matter what it could end at any moment. I guess that doesn't just apply to 9/11 but anything and any moment in life.

*********END SPOILER********************

So yeah overall very good film. I even laughed a lot during it (and I think some of it was even from the actual movie, not the Edward Cullen jokes my friends were making.)

So I'm watching Last Comic Standing right now, as I type.
I just wanna post about how much I LOVE this one dude Myq Kaplan. So you should go check him out.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We Live in Public

So I watched a documentary film today called We Live in Public
It was directed by Ondi Timoner, who also directed Dig! which is one of my favorite documentaries. I thought the film was very engaging and somewhat terrifying. The subject of the film was John Harris, a dot com millionaire from the early 1990's. He streamlined a bunch of ideas that are currently being used in today's technology such as video blogs, online television and an early idea of reality tv shows like The Real World with constant surveillance.

I usually enjoy documentary films that are focused on one character, but I was worried that he might be a dull. I realized I was clearly wrong very early on into the film. Timoner is fantastic at finding characters that people enjoy watching crash, as she also did in Dig!. Although Harris' ideas were revolutionary and really did change the world he produced them before the world was ready and simultaneously drove himself insane.

So the reason I found this film terrifying is because the things that Harris thought up exist on a normal basis in today's world. People are dependent on technology and are looking for anyway to put themselves out there (such as blogging!). I've always loved technology and the power it has to bring people together but I don't want what happened to Harris to become normal. He was so obsessed with his world in technology that he completely destroyed every real life relationship he had. I don't want the world to come to online relationships with no personal contact.

Hopefully Harris was just mentally unstable and that is what led to his downfall. Hopefully the majority of the world will not end up like him. Although he has created a new life living in Ethiopia free of technology. I hope we can live in a world where we can benefit from technology but not lose our real lives in the process.